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Tim #PCBuilder Racuntech

Ready to Build PC Packages.

For those of you who like it fast, easy and hassle-free.

Fast, Easy & Hassle-Free



Why Racuntech PCs

Process, Simplified

Eliminate the tedious process of ordering and waiting for your PC build! Our comprehensive PC packages are meticulously assembled from readily available components.

Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods – just, buy > we install > we deliver.

Protecting What Matters Most

Every PC sets from Racuntech includes our exclusive Racuntech Protection Plan (RTPP). With RTPP, customers gain the advantage of Express 1-to-1 Component Exchanges for any faulty parts throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period, which can extend up to 5 years.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming hassle of standard warranty claims, which often take months to resolve. With RTPP, we ensure a seamless and swift process for your peace of mind.

Crafted By Expert + Lifelong Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating enduring systems. Each Racuntech Gaming PC undergoes rigorous testing and thorough scrutiny before it’s shipped to you.

This commitment to quality is why every Racuntech Gaming PC is backed by lifetime support throughout your PC’s lifetime. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming with confidence.

Future-Proof Build

Our commitment to innovation extends to future upgrades. We offer free labor charges for any future upgrades , allowing you to adapt and enhance your PC’s performance without the burden of additional costs.

Moreover, our future trade-in eligibility for selected components opens doors to new possibilities.

Got Questions? We've Got You Covered.

We have made it easy for you to track your order’s progress. Simply go to this link:, insert your phone number, and you will see your order’s progress similar as below:
Yes. Simply choose the nearest Racuntech branch where you want to pick-up your PC, and upon checkout, select “self-pickup” as your choice of delivery.
Yes, we ship to all over Malaysia. We use GDex as our delivery partner. Additionally, your PC will also be covered with insurance to give you extra security & peace of mind.

For every PC package, we have included information on which popular games it can play and which gameplay level you want, e.g whether entry (beginner), pro or ultra gaming.

For non-gamers, we also provided information which software, application and usage it can serve (e.g. office program, editing software, or by use, e.g. home, office, school, streaming use and more.

You can also choose based on its hardware, whether you’d like a pc that is powered by AMD vs Intel processors, or by GPU choice, e.g. Radeon vs Nvidia.

If you have a hard time to decide, do chat with our customer service via Whatsapp at

As we craft these PC package based on our ready-stocks, each PC package we offer are limited based on stocks availability.

We will continue to update our PC package on monthly basis based on our latest availability.

Every PC build at Racuntech comes with added guarantees as listed below:
Should you have any trouble with you PC post-purchase, please contact our customer service at the respective branch. Link: