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A spark of inspiration can breathe life into a concept that leads to a masterpiece. Powered by ASUS PC is a global program across more than 40 countries and involves over 500 partners who provide the very best customized systems. Custom Powered by ASUS workstations accelerate your creative workflow with a wide array of world-class motherboards, graphics cards, professional displays and routers.

The Ultimate PC Set for Gamers and Creators

Unleash your creativity and dominate the competition with our RT x Powered by Asus PC set.

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable PC set that can handle all your gaming or creative needs, look no further than our Racuntech x Powered by Asus integration. Our Asus PC set combines the cutting-edge technology of Intel with the precision engineering of Asus to deliver an unbeatable performance.

Gaming Series
Creator Series
Why Creator Series

Ready to take your gaming and creativity to the next level?

Order our Racuntech x Powered by Asus PC set today and experience the ultimate performance.